Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to activate a mover by shooting a trigger?

Hi, a few people have asked me to do a quick write up of one of the things demonstrated in our tutorial last tuesday.

How to activate a mover by shooting a trigger.

Note: this assumes you already know how to import a static mesh, place it as a mover and keyframe it. Russell's mover tutorial goes through all of that, so there's no need to repeat it here.

I tried to make it as simple as possible:

1. Placing a Trigger:
- Click the little Chess Piece up top to open the actor classes browser.
- Click on Trigger (NOT Triggers) pic
- Right click somewhere in your level and place it in. pic

2. Mover Properties:
- Events > Tag [name this something you want."Mover1"] pic
- Mover > bUseTriggered [set this to True] pic
- Object > InitialState [set this to TriggerOpenTimed] pic

3. Trigger Properties:
- Advanced > bHidden [set this to False] (there is some problem with this) pic
- Events > Event [name this the same as your Mover Tag."Mover1"] pic
- Trigger > TriggerType [set this to TT_Shoot] pic

I've uploaded a test level in case you wish to view all the properties more closely.

Hope that helps,


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